9:00 AMPAP

Dual Dumbbell Front Squats (35lb)
Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
Dual Suitcase Weighted Dumbbell Step-ups (20”) (35lb)

At 3, 2, 1, Go, the first athlete will approach the workout area and begin performing repetitions. They may remain in the workout area as long as they would like.  When that athlete is ready to rotate, they must run back to the start line and tag the next athlete who will then approach the workout area to perform repetitions. Athletes can rotate in any order, but all athletes must perform at least 1 repetition of any movement to meet the minimum work requirement.  This rotation will continue until nine minutes has elapsed.  Every repetition an athlete performs will be worth 1, 2, or 3 points.  The teams combined total points is their final score.

Front Squat (1pt) / Chest-to-Bar (2pt) / Step-up (3pt)

Movement Standards:

Front Squat: The dumbbells begin on the ground and must be cleaned anyway to the shoulder prior to attempting a front squat. Receiving the dumbbells in the bottom of the squat is not required, but is allowed. A power clean or split clean followed by a front squat will be permitted. If the athlete split cleans, their feet must come back in-line with each other and under the athlete’s body prior to attempting a front squat. If the athlete does not perform a squat clean on the first repetition, the athletes must come to a fully lockout position with the hips and knees fully extended prior to attempting a front squat. For the repetition to count, the athlete must pass through a full squat with hips below the knees then stand vertically coming to a full lockout with the hips and knees and fully extended, and the dumbbells racked on the shoulders. The arm, elbow or forearm may not come into contact with any part of the body during the repetition. The dumbbells can be held anyway, but must be on or above the shoulders. Dumbbells may not be dropped at any time, and must be set down on the ground.

Chest-to-Bar Pull-up: This is a standard chest-to-bar pull-up.  Dead hang (strict), kipping or butterfly pull-ups are allowed as long as the requirements are met.  The arms must be fully extended at the bottom, with the feet off the ground.  At the top, the chest must clearly come into contact with the bar below the collarbone.

Step Up: The movement begins with the dumbbells on the ground.  The athlete picks up the dumbbells, one in each hand, holding them at their side. The athlete then must step up onto the box one leg at a time.  At the top, the athlete must make sure both feet are completely on top of the box at the same time with the hips and knees fully extended, and the shoulders directly over the body.  They will then step off the box returning both feet to the ground while facing the same direction.  When both feet return to the ground the athlete will be given a successful repetition.  The dumbbells may be set down on the ground before or after a successful repetition, but not during, otherwise a no-rep will be given.  The dumbbells may not be dropped on, rested or pressed against the box at any time; it may only touch the ground. Jumping of any kind is not allowed. The dumbbells must remain at the athlete’s side while performing repetitions. Dumbbells may not be dropped at any time, and must be set down on the ground.

There is one score for this event. Teams in each division will be ranked based on the total accumulated total points for the workout. The more points a team earns the higher their ranking.