6:00 to Establish a

Max Squat Clean

All Athletes will be staged behind the start line. At 3, 2, 1, Go, the first athlete will enter the workout area and begin their first attempt at a squat clean while the second and third athletes rest. Barbell must start empty.  Teams will be provided the following plates: 4 x 45lb, 2 x 25lb, 2 x 15lb, 2 x 10lb, 2 x 5lb, 2 x 2.5lb and Oso clips. Athletes who are not attempting a lift may help load the barbell.  Smallest plates must be on the outside of the barbell (5lb and 2.5lb).  Athletes can go in any order at anytime, but must declare their weight before attempting. They must remain inside the lifting square at all times for the lift to count.  All lifts must be completed within in the 6:00. 

CLEAN: The barbell begins on the ground and must be lifted to the shoulder in one motion. The athlete must pass through the bottom of the squat where the crease of the hip clearly breaks the horizontal plane of the knee with the bar in a front rack position. The barbell must come to the shoulders in one motion, with the hips and knees fully extended, the feet in line, and the barbell clearly over or slightly behind the center of the athlete’s body at the end of the movement.



There is 1 score for this event. Teams in each division will be ranked based on the combined total of the heaviest successful lift for each teammate.