12:00 cap

160 Calories on the Rower
80 Bench Press (65lb)

All Athletes will be staged behind the start line. At 3, 2, 1, Go, all three athletes will move forward. One athlete will begin rowing, while one athlete begins performing repetitions on the bench press.  The third athlete is resting.  Only two athletes can be working at any one time.  At any point during the workout, the athletes can rotation positions and rotate in any order.  Once the team has completed all the calories on the rower and all the bench press repetitions, time will be called.

Movement Standards:

Row:  The monitor on the rower will be set to 0 Calories at the beginning of the workout.  The athlete may not touch the monitor.



Bench Press: The movement starts with the athlete laying on the bench and the barbell on the rack. The athlete will then lift the barbell off the rack using both hands and coming to a starting position where the arms are completely extended, butt in contact with the bench and the bar over the chest.  The bar must be lowered down to make contact with the chest below the collarbone and above the belly button.  From there, the athlete must press the barbell back to its original starting position with the arms fully extended and the butt in contact with the bench for the repetition to count. Any kipping or tossing of the barbell with the lower body will be an immediate no-rep.  Bouncing the bar off the chest will be allowed.

There is one score for this event. Teams in each division will be ranked based on the final time of the workout.  If a team does not finish the workout, for every 1 repetition short, :01 will be added to their final time.