Team Requirements

Movements and weights in The Minors will be scaled down in comparison to The Majors; however, this is still a competitive environment and not for the rookie CrossFitter.  To compete in The Minors, we recommend that each athlete have at least 6 months of CrossFit experience.  Athletes should be comfortable performing standard barbell movements, such as the deadlift, snatch, clean, shoulder-to-overhead (shoulder press, push press, push jerk), squats (back, front, overhead) and thrusters.  They should be comfortable using kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, slam balls and also rowing, running, biking and using a ski erg.

STRENGTH Requirements.  Athletes should be capable of performing deadlifts at 105lb, cleans at 75lb, snatches and thrusters at 65lb in a workout.

SKILL Requirements. All athletes should be capable of performing multiple repetitions of the following movements: burpees, step-ups, jumping pull-ups, single unders and hanging knee raises.

**There will be no single “show stopper” movement in ALOTO10; as long as all athletes can perform the required skills, your team will be able to progress through the workouts.  However, the more athletes proficient at a skill, the more successful and competitive your team will be!

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