Closing out ALOTO7

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I cannot say thank you enough to all the athletes, spectators, volunteers, and vendors of #ALOTO7!  It was amazing to watch our community come together in support of such strong and admirable women.  I am truly proud of the sportsmanship, athleticism, and camaraderie displayed by all of our competitors on Game Day.  We hope you all had a great time, and we are already looking forward to #ALOTO8!

We are also thrilled to announce that as a community, we almost $1,800 for Kinetic Kids!  These funds will be donated directly to KK and help them continue to provide sports and recreation programs not typically available to children with special needs, and foster the development of courage, self esteem, pride and joy so these children can achieve new possibilities previously unimaginable.  Thank you again to everyone who came out!

Kinetic Kids Podium



1st Place: CrossFit MisFits, CrossFit MisFits

2nd Place: Bi’s, Tri’s and Thunder Thighs, Body Armor CrossFit

3rd Place: SS, Contender CrossFit 

First Place 2020 Majors


1st Place: FSU, Alpha CrossFit

2nd Place: Quad Goals, Alamo City CrossFit

3rd Place: Trap Queens, Tillman Fitness Training

First Place 2020 Minors

Lastly.  A HUMUNGOUS thanks to our fantastic volunteer staff.  You guys are the REASON this event was a success.  Your positive and encouraging attitudes, patience, cheerfulness, professionalism, and all around awesomeness are unparalleled by any event staff.  This is what makes a CrossFit community so amazing!  Thank you so much!



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